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You’ve spent years honing your skill in the boxing ring, and now it’s time to put your talent up against the competition. Or maybe you’re a boxing promoter looking for fighters to compete in an upcoming tournament. Turn to Honolulu-based fighter Tessa Moon of TM Productions when searching for a skilled competitor.


Born in 1984, Tessa first showed her athletic prowess at age seven, when she entered a West Coast Karate Tournament. She beat out the competition in her division, comprised of all boys, to win first place. From there, she played basketball from age eight until her college career, winning numerous honors along the way. In college, she discovered her ability to thrive in one-on-one competition.


Her boxing training began with a boot camp at 3rd Street Boxing Gym in San Francisco, CA, in 2008, where Tessa gained the attention of former California bantamweight champion Paris Alexander, who became her trainer. Under his tutelage, she won her first 12 amateur fights, not suffering a loss until 2015. After moving to Hawaii in 2016, Tessa began training under Joel Kim at Palolo Gym and has won both of her two fights with him as her coach.


This female boxer holds a stunning record and prides herself on her ability to go wherever the fight takes her—whether that’s competing in matches in Hawaii, the continental U.S., or internationally. At 5’8” in height and 145 pounds walking weight, Tessa has fought against formidable contenders and has never backed down from a match.


When you’re seeking a talented female boxer to pit your skills against or to take part in an upcoming match, reach out to Tessa Moon and TM Productions. Call her today at (808) 291-7817 to learn more.

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