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What Is Data as a Service? August 14, 2019

New York, New York
What Is Data as a Service?, New York, New York

Cloud services continue to boost efficiency and connectivity in the workplace. One of the newest integrations is Data as a Service (DaaS). This innovative computing model removes many of the physical barriers that slow down data sharing so that small businesses can improve operations regardless of where employees are. It has applications across a wide range of industries, and it may be precisely what your small business needs to excel.

A Guide to Data as a Service

What Is DaaS?

DaaS is a computing model that integrates with cloud technology. Data traditionally was stored on local hard drives and had to be shared by sending files physically on remote drives to another employee. In modern contexts, this wastes valuable time, especially if files are sent across long distances. DaaS eliminates this barrier because all data is accessible through the cloud. Employees can simply work through the cloud in real-time no matter where they are. As long as there’s an Internet connection, they can work through software. It can also be used when sharing data with customers. The service-oriented architecture (SOA) in this design allows companies to manage what data is shared, ensuring the process is both convenient and safe.

What Are the Benefits?

daasWith DaaS, data is seamlessly transferrable. Simply connect two devices to the cloud and move files from one to the other. Global, singular files are also stored in this convenient space and altered there. This can reduce complications when multiple local copies of the same data are used and later shared. Data is easy to manage — most importantly, it’s easy to collaborate on. If you have employees in different states or countries, they can all collaborate on a file in real-time. DaaS is compatible on a number of platforms and self-manages through updates designed to improve data management and cybersecurity. You also won’t have to worry about losing local files because of hardware malfunctions.



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