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3 Power Tools That Are a Must-Have for Homeowners August 9, 2019

East Walnut HIlls, Cincinnati
3 Power Tools That Are a Must-Have for Homeowners, Cincinnati, Ohio

Power tools are essential for around-the-house projects. They offer speed and efficiency that simplifies the process and makes it possible to complete the task in record time. If you’re looking to add to your collection, here are the top items that every homeowner should have.

3 Power Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

1. Cordless Drill

While a set of screwdrivers will secure a fresh piece of wood or metal, a cordless drill is hard to beat. The automatic turning mechanism allows you to tighten screws without cramping your hand and ensures that each area is stable. They are especially useful for putting up or taking down sheet material and can cut work time in half. Be sure to get a full set of drill bits to ensure that you have a fit for every screw that you encounter.

2. Palm Sander

power toolsScrubbing a surface by hand with a piece of sandpaper will take a considerable amount of time and will rub your skin raw. Using a palm sander is more efficient. The speed variances of these tools cater to different types of materials and will provide the smooth finish that the project requires. Most measure at five-inches or smaller and can be either cordless or corded, depending on personal preference.

3. Circular Saw

Rather than using a manual saw to cut materials down to size, obtain a circular saw that offers a lot more precision. Many of these tools come with a laser guide that guarantees each of your lines are straight and feature a sharp blade that will cleanly slice through plywood and two-by-fours. Their automatic function reduces the amount of time spent on the material and allows you to complete a project promptly.


Round out your collection of power tools by working with Schulhoff Equipment Rental & Sales. This locally-owned company started as a one-man electrical shop in 1935 and recently celebrated 80 years in business. They stock a full inventory of home improvement supplies, tools, and more. They also offer equipment rentals to clients throughout Hamilton County, OH, and the Greater Cincinnati area at competitive prices. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and friendly customer service, these professionals are ready to help. Call (513) 538-2163 or visit their website to learn more about their products.

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