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Schulhoff Equipment Rental & Sales

Schulhoff Equipment Rental & Sales

2709 Woodburn Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45206
(513) 961-1122
Schulhoff Equipment Rental & Sales, Equipment Rental, Shopping, Cincinnati, Ohio

When residents and business owners across the greater Cincinnati area need tools to buy or rent at an affordable price, they turn to Schulhoff Equipment Rental & Sales. This one-of-a-kind electrical supply, repair, and rental business has helped property owners get the right equipment to finish their job fast for more than 83 years.

Dedicated to ensuring they provide everything a customer needs, their team has adapted from operating as a one-man electrical repair shop to carrying an extensive catalog of rentable and electrical equipment for sale. Whether you need large machinery to break ground on a commercial or industrial job or you’re looking for high-grade construction tools to finish a home improvement project, Schulhoff Equipment Rental & Sales has everything you need to complete your next job.

From handhelds to drivable equipment, their team provides top brands and top-rated tools to help you complete your projects quickly and efficiently. As an independently run equipment rental and hardware store, their professionalism and expert customer service goes above and beyond what you would find at a large national chain, making them the company you can rely on for any tool and equipment needs.

At Schulhoff Equipment Rental & Sales, they are trained to know what equipment will work best for your project and are ready to answer any questions you may have about your purchase or rental. To learn more about what their team can do for you, call (513) 961-1122. For more detailed information, including a comprehensive list of their rentals, visit them online. Never miss anything from Schulhoff Equipment Rental & Sales: text JOIN to (513) 538-2163 to enroll in text messaging updates!

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