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FAQ About Echocardiograms August 2, 2019

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FAQ About Echocardiograms, Dothan, Alabama

Since your heart is essential to your overall wellness, you might be referred to a cardiologist at some point for testing to check the structure and function of your heart. Many heart tests, such as echocardiograms, are painless and straightforward. Here are answers to a few questions you might have about echocardiograms. 

Common Questions About Echocardiograms Answered

1. What Are Echocardiograms? 

An echocardiogram is a lot like a sonogram for your heart. Using a small handheld Doppler radar device, professionals carefully inspect the tissues of your heart. They check for many potentially dangerous conditions, including structural defects, congenital abnormalities, and damage from a recent heart attack. 

2. Are Echocardiograms Painful? cardiologist

Like sonograms, which are often used to check soft tissues of the heart, echocardiograms are not painful. While the cardiologist will use a special gel to make it easier to slide the Doppler device across your chest, you shouldn’t feel more than simple pressure and a little moisture from the gel. 

3. What Happens During the Test? 

During an echocardiogram, after your chest is gelled, the cardiologist places the Doppler transducer on your chest and takes photos of various structures of your heart, measuring rhythms and looking for other abnormalities. You may have to wait a few days for the results of the test, or you may meet with your doctor right away if your condition warrants it. 

4. How Long Will the Test Take?

Echocardiograms tend to take longer than other heart tests like EKGs. On average, echocardiograms require about 40 minutes to complete.


Whether you are living with a chronic heart condition or you have recently started experiencing problems, the medical professionals at Premier Cardiology Consultants can help. Since their inception more than 25 years ago, they have been committed to helping their clients with everything from exercise stress tests and echocardiograms to sonograms and heart disease treatments. Give them a call today at (334) 699-6396 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website to find out more. 

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