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Premier Cardiology Consultants

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Heart issues are a potential problem for anyone, which is why taking advantage of screenings from an experienced cardiologist is important to your health. At Premier Cardiology Consultants in Cowarts, AL, patients will receive quality heart health services from a compassionate heart doctor. For more than 25 years, Nidal Yunis M.D. has treated hundreds of patients in Houston County and the surrounding area.

Premier Cardiology Consultants is focused on providing superior heart disease treatments and screenings through cutting-edge technology. The practice offers a variety of procedures including ultra sounds and echocardiograms. Dr. Yunis will review these exams and prepare a detailed rundown of the results. Additionally, Dr. Yunis is a skilled vascular surgeon and will conduct open-heart surgery at local medical centers.

They also specialize in high blood pressure treatments and testing. Patients will be educated on the proper way to reduce high blood pressure, including dieting tips and healthy activities to follow. Dr. Yunis will conduct exercise and stress tests to monitor the progress of the blood flow through your heart.

Every patient at Premier Cardiology Consultants will be treated with the highest degree of care and comfort. The clinic’s staff is quick to answer questions concerning heart issues, as well as, describing your condition to family and loved ones.  

Address your heart issues from a knowledgeable and caring cardiologist at Premier Cardiology Consultants. Call them today at (334) 699-6396 to schedule an appointment.

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