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Let the History of Mardi Gras Inspire Your Next Party July 19, 2019

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Let the History of Mardi Gras Inspire Your Next Party, Springdale, Ohio

Mardi Gras is one of the wildest parties on earth and truly unique thanks to its parades, music, costumes, and beads. While it's held every year around Easter, you can throw a Mardi Gras themed event any time of year. Find inspiration for your party planning with the below starter guide to the holiday.

How Mardi Gras Came to Be

The origins of this event are traced back to medieval Europe. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the French House of the Bourbons hosted an annual feast called Boeuf Gras — or fatted calf. In 1699, a French-Canadian explorer arrived at a plot of land some 60 miles south of present-day New Orleans. When he and his men realized it was the eve of the Boeuf Gras party, they christened the plot of land Pointe du Mardi Gras. 

New Orleans is the city best associated with Mardi Gras — which means Fat Tuesday — and was established in 1718. The typical carnival and parades now associated with the festival didn't occur until 1781, however.

What to Include in Mardi Gras Party Planning 

party planningLet the Mardi Gras colors of purple, green, and gold inspire your decorations. For party favors, make sure to have plenty of colored strings of beads on hand. Traditionally these are thrown from the floats during the big Mardi Gras parade.

Since the Mardi Gras celebration finds its roots in a feast, food is a must-have for any celebration. Opt for Creole cuisine, like a spicy seafood gumbo and red beans with rice. For dessert, a king cake is a must. Creating the perfect event can be stressful. Let a party planning professional handle the details from decorations to catering, music, and more. This lets you focus on simply enjoying the party.


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