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Are you trying to plan the perfect party but don’t quite know where to start? Though it may seem like an easy task, putting together an effortlessly fun event takes a whole lot of work. When you need full-service party planning you can trust, hand off the dirty work to the professionals at Black Diamond Casino Events, serving Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Louisville and beyond with private and corporate party planning for all occasions.

Their specialties and services include:

  • Corporate event planning
  • Company picnics
  • Trade shows
  • Casino parties
  • Casino game rentals
  • Texas Hold ‘em tournaments
  • Themed decor
  • After-prom and graduation parties
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties
  • Emcees and DJ service

The party planning pros at Black Diamond Casino Events know that the key to a successful event is the energy of the crowd. Their talented team of emcees, DJs and hosts are experienced at bringing the party to life with upbeat entertainment and a swinging soundtrack and maintaining the festive atmosphere from start to finish.

From vibrant Las Vegas and glitzy Hollywood to tropical paradise and lively Mardi Gras, a well-executed theme can create the ideal atmosphere for a great gathering. Black Diamond Casino Events offers a great selection of themed décor options, including backdrops, centerpieces, props, costumes, and casino game rentals to set the tone for your next event.

Black Diamond Casino Events is Ohio’s trusted source for private parties, corporate event planning, and high-quality entertainment for any occasion. To begin planning the event of your dreams, give them a call at (513) 469-9000 or visit their website.

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