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3 Ways to Prepare for Hardwood Floor Refinishing August 7, 2019

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3 Ways to Prepare for Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Pittsford, New York

When your floors are looking scratched or dull, hardwood floor refinishing will breathe life back into them by adding a new top coat. This service will transform your floors, removing years’ worth of wear to leave them looking brand new. If you’re due for your appointment, there are a few steps you should take to expedite the process and allow technicians to work efficiently. To help you prepare for your upcoming service, here are some of the ways to get your home and family ready.

What to Do Before Hardwood Floor Refinishing

1. Cover Vents

While contractors are sanding down your floors to prepare it for the stain, a lot of dust will be generated. The professional will likely clean that up before leaving, but you don’t want it to get into your HVAC system and clog up your filters. Cover the vents with plastic to keep all that dust out of the system. You may also book the job with a company that performs dustless work.

2. Empty Every Room

Hardwood Floor RefinishingYour contractor will need to reach every square foot of your hardwood flooring, which means they will need the rooms they are working in to be completely empty. Remove all furniture and other items that would get in the way, such as area rugs and drapes. If the flooring extends underneath appliances, remove those as well.

3. Plan for Pets & Children

You will need to stay out of the area while it’s being worked on. It usually takes contractors between three and five days to refinish an average-sized home. You’ll need to stay off the floors while the finish is drying. This means staying off the surface for two days, and waiting four days to move your furniture back in. Since children and pets may not understand the importance of these instructions, you might need to arrange alternate accommodations for them during this period.


Finding the right contractor to do your hardwood floor refinishing will give you the results you want and have the job done as quickly as possible. Rochester Hardwood Floor has over 25 years of experience providing residential flooring services in Rochester, NY, and throughout Monroe County. Owners Kelly and Donna are committed to the highest level of craftsmanship and customer care, so you know you’ll be in good hands. Learn more about their refinishing process online or call (585) 377-7800 to schedule an appointment. 

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