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Rochester Hardwood Floor, Inc.

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Hardwood flooring not only gives your rooms a more sophisticated look but can add value to your home. When you are searching for a business that takes pride in their work and believes in quality throughout every step, look no further than Rochester Hardwood Floor located in Rochester, NY. They understand that the investments you make into your home are important and offer you advice and expertise to lead you in the right direction when it comes to hardwood floors.

This family owned business has provided those in Monroe County with quality services for over 25 years. From custom staining and buffing to refinishing and complete flooring installation, owners Kelly and Donna employ those with excellent craftsmanship and the experience to install floors that will last for years.

Most known for their dustless floor remodeling and refurbishing, their technicians will restore your floors to like new condition with little to no mess. When you return to your home your belongings and air quality will be unchanged, but your home will be transformed.

When new flooring is being installed in your home, you can choose from finished or unfinished flooring. Each type of flooring has different benefits.


Factory finished hardwood flooring is an easier option if adding the flooring to a home that is already being used. During the installation process, families don’t have to worry about fumes, dust or odor, and most rooms can be installed the same day.


Unfinished is practical when you want custom hardwood flooring installed. Unfinished can be matched easily to any existing piece and leaves customers open to a wide selection of patterns and colors to choose from.

Let the professionals at Rochester Hardwood Floor install or repair your hardwood. Call today at (585) 377-7800 for a free consultation or visit their website for a more comprehensive list of their services. You can also visit their Facebook for more information.

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