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The Top Do’s & Don’ts of Office Parties August 9, 2019

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The Top Do’s & Don’ts of Office Parties, Springdale, Ohio

A lot goes into corporate event planning and putting together successful office parties. If you’re getting ready to attend an event for your employer, conducting yourself appropriately way can help you ensure that the evening is a success. Below are some helpful tips on what to do and avoid during an upcoming office party.


Show up on time.

It may be fine to show up fashionably late to social events, but the same isn’t usually true of business-related ones. Try to arrive within 15 minutes of the stated start time and stay for as long as possible. However, avoid being the very last person to leave so the event organizers can wrap up on schedule.

Mingle with a variety of people.

The purpose of an office party is to bring teams together, so you don’t want to sit in a corner by yourself or with the people who you already see every day. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself to colleagues from other departments or start conversations with those you rarely see—and remember to discuss topics other than work.


Eat or drink too much.

corporate event planningCorporate event planning requires a budget that includes food and beverages, so be mindful of what you consume. Spending the entire evening at the bar or buffet line keeps you away from social interactions. Overindulging may make you appear unprofessional. Have a little bit to eat and drink, if you choose, but focus more on conversing with people.

Wear inappropriate clothing.

If you’re attending a corporate event, it’s usually best to dress business casual unless another dress code has been specified. A fundraiser or cocktail party might be more formal, while luncheons or after-work gatherings may be a bit more casual. If you’re allowed to bring a guest, make sure they’re dressed appropriately as well.


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