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5 Reasons Hardwood Flooring Is Eco-Friendly July 17, 2019

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5 Reasons Hardwood Flooring Is Eco-Friendly , Pittsford, New York

Are you looking for sustainable flooring that will also have a positive effect on the environment? Compared to linoleum and carpet, hardwood flooring is eco-friendly and durable—plus, it never goes out of style. If you’re in the market for new flooring, here are some reasons hardwood flooring is a smart option.

How Is Hardwood Flooring Sustainable?

1. Uses Less Energy & Waste

During the manufacturing process, other types of flooring use significantly more water, energy, and chemicals to create than hardwood. Since wood chips and dusting can be used to produce paper, little waste is produced when crafting hardwood.

2. Made of Renewable Materials 

Unlike carpet, which is petroleum based, hardwood flooring comes from trees, a renewable resource. With sustainable forest management and replanting efforts, cutting down these trees won’t negatively affect the environment. The net growth of trees is higher than the rate of harvest. 

3. Durable & Reusable   

hardwood flooringHardwood floors have a life span of 75 years. Conversely, linoleum floors last between 20 to 40 years, and vinyl flooring lasts for around 10 to 20 years on average. Wood can also be re-stained or sanded to bring it back to life—no new installation required. And, when its life span is over, wood can be recycled or burned to be used as a source of fuel.

4. Improves Air Quality

Carpeting can aggravate allergies and reduce the air quality in your home by trapping dust and pollutants in the fibers. But this isn’t an issue with hardwood flooring. Other materials not only build up dust more easily, but they also use glues and adhesives that emit pollutants into the air.

5. Stores Carbon

Trees take in CO2 and produce oxygen, but even after being cut down, wood products continue to store carbon. Wood is carbon neutral, meaning it emits no extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 


If you’re in search of eco-friendly flooring for your home, Rochester Hardwood Floor provides high-quality service and craftsmanship to Monroe, Ontario, Livingston, and Wayne counties in NY. A family-owned business, they pride themselves on their integrity and ability to have your floor finished promptly. Call (585) 377-7800 for a complimentary consultation or visit their website to learn more about their hardwood flooring installation. 

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