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5 Problems You Didn't Know a Tailor Could Fix July 15, 2019

Midtown East, Manhattan
5 Problems You Didn't Know a Tailor Could Fix, Manhattan, New York

When people take their clothes to a tailor, they often get a pair of pants hemmed or a dress taken in. However, tailors can do all kinds of other custom alterations that can help you look your best in every piece of clothing you own. Here are a few you should know about. 

Problems Your Tailor Can Fix

1. Custom Arms

Sleeves are often a problem because the proper sizing can vary from person to person. Even if the arms are too short or the armhole is too tight, there are a lot of ways a tailor can get it to fit properly, from loosening the seams and enlarging the armhole to removing the sleeves altogether. 

2. Loose Waist

A fitted waist can help you look your best, even in the most casual clothes. If your favorite shirt looks good everywhere except around your stomach, take it to a tailor to have tucks put in or extra fabric removed. 

3. Unattractive Necklines 

custom alterationsIf you like the sleeves, length, and pattern, but the neckline doesn’t look good on you, it will detract from the whole outfit. Luckily, necklines can be easily customized to your style. From the cut to where it sits, it should flatter you. 

4. Pleats

Pleats may go in and out of fashion, but that doesn’t mean that wool skirt needs to be put into storage. A custom alterations expert can easily take out the pleats, or put them back in. This can turn an unflattering shape into one that works well with your torso or waist. 

5. Ill-Fitting Jeans

Most people don’t think to take jeans to a tailor; however, having them tailored can help them fit your body better. Transform vintage jeans with a tuck, or hem those bell bottoms to give your jeans a sleeker look. You can also take a brand new pair to the tailor to get the perfect, waist-hugging shape. 


6 Avenue Tailor in Manhattan is a premier spot for quality custom alterations and clothing repairs. Their experienced, knowledgeable tailors treat all your clothes with dedication and care, from the simplest zipper repair to your mother’s vintage wedding gown. They also offer leather repair services. To speak to this Midtown tailor, call (212) 593-1925. Visit them online to learn more about their custom alterations. 

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