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Everyone wants to present his or her best self to the world. It’s important to look polished and professional, particularly at events and in corporate settings. If you want to look amazing in your suit, dress, favorite jeans, or coat, turn to New York City’s 6 Avenue Tailor. This is where the city’s business executives and entertainment personalities come to ensure they have tailored clothing that keeps them looking and feeling great. 

6 Avenue Tailor is a one-stop shop that provides everything from suit and wedding dress alterations, to jean alterations. All alterations are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 6 Avenue Tailor has been in business for over 30 years, so the expert tailors there know how to provide the best service, results, and prices in Manhattan. Corporate discounts ensure that everyone in your business looks sharp and well put together. 

If your schedule is hectic, this tailor is extremely flexible. Walk-ins are welcome, though appointments are encouraged. 6 Avenue Tailor will stay open after hours, and even make house calls to ensure customers get what they need, when they need it. The experts there are no stranger to rush alterations, 24-hour emergency turnaround and same-day service as needed. They know that everyone has extremely important events and very special days. Sometimes, these moments require a little extra work, done extra quickly.

After decades in the tailoring business, the owners at 6 Avenue Tailor know how to reduce their costs and, in turn, pass their savings on to customers. For a competitive price, clients still receive the best service and results. There are lots of fits and adjustments that can be made to articles of clothing to improve their overall look. The professionals here know how to expertly execute them.

Although walk-ins are welcome at 6 Avenue Tailor, customers can make appointments by calling (212) 593-1925. Be sure to bring along the 10% off alterations coupon available on their website. Email sixavenuetailor@gmail.com with any questions. 

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