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3 Signs You Need Shoe Resoling August 12, 2019

Brighton, Monroe
3 Signs You Need Shoe Resoling, Brighton, New York

If your favorite pair of shoes are deteriorating, it may be tough to find the same pair to replace them, especially if they’re several years old. Cosmetic wear and sole damage can lead to foot pain, but before you toss them out, consider shoe resoling. This service can completely revitalize worn shoes. There are several signs that it’s time to resole, so pay attention for the following.

Signs You Should Resole Your Shoes

1. Uneven Soles

If your uneven soles are forcing you to shift your hips to stand straight, you’ve likely experienced some hip, knee, and lower back pain. Rather than fighting against gravity and dealing with discomfort, take your shoes to a repair shop. Professionals can replace your soles with exact replicas that keep you standing straight and reduce the potential for ankle and muscle injuries.

2. Holes

shoe resolingLarge or small, any hole in the bottom of your footwear warrants shoe resoling. This will only expand with time, and if you’re caught in the rain, it can lead to costly water damage that may render the shoes irreparable. If you notice a hole, set the shoes aside until you can visit a shoe repair shop. You’ll avoid damaging the sensitive interior layers and also walk more comfortably until a new sole is added.

3. Sole Splits

The most telling sign that shoe resoling is needed is when the sole separates from the upper shoe. As with holes, this opens the delicate inner support layers to water damage. They can snag and lead to a fall. In some cases, the original sole can simply be reattached. If not, resoling professionals can add new bottoms and make your shoes like new again.



Shoe resoling has lasting benefits, and the professionals at Sofia Shoe Repair Service can fulfill all your needs. They bring over 72 years of experience in shoe repair to residents of Rochester, NY, including shoe resoling. They pride themselves on superior customer service and craftsmanship and will take every step to revitalize your favorite pair of shoes. They also carry a wide selection of shoe care products. Visit their website to learn more or call (585) 244-5907 to schedule an appointment.

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