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The Difference Between Walk-In Clinics & Primary Care Physicians July 31, 2019

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The Difference Between Walk-In Clinics & Primary Care Physicians, West Plains, Missouri

When an illness arises, or an injury occurs, it can leave you scrambling to figure out what to do. Visit the emergency room? Schedule an appointment with your primary care physician? Go to a walk-in clinic? Use the following information to understand your options ahead of time, so you can quickly determine the smartest place to go.

Your Guide to Primary Care & Walk-In Clinics

Walk-In Clinic

This is the place to go for immediate, non-life-threatening medical care — similar to urgent care. It’s not to be confused with the emergency room of a hospital, which is for serious or life-threatening health issues. This kind of clinic is ideal for surprise illnesses, such as light allergic reactions, the flu, joint sprains, vaccinations, and minor cuts. Burton Creek welcomes patients as they arrive, rather than scheduling appointments. They’re open seven days a week and much cheaper than emergency room care. Burton Creek also provides affordable, sliding-scale payment solutions for patients with poor or no health insurance.

Primary Care

walk-in clinicPrimary care is the medical treatment people are most familiar with. If your child develops an illness or needs a checkup, you’ll likely schedule an appointment with their primary care physician. This doctor is a family’s go-to resource for health care and is familiar with your history and pre-existing conditions. Rather than treat specific issues directly and on-site, they’ll direct you to preferred specialized care, such as an oncologist, diagnostic services, or cardiologist. They’re the leader of your health care team, but they aren’t always accessible. If you need immediate care, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to schedule an appointment the same day. This is what separates a primary care physician’s practice from a walk-in clinic.


If you’re looking for a family clinic in the West Plains, MO, area, Burton Creek Rural Clinic is your go-to practice. Their state-of-the-art facilities include a walk-in clinic, and their physicians offer both traditional and mental health services. They’re committed to a one-on-one approach to health services and will take every step to keep you and your family healthy. Visit their website for more information, and call (417) 256-2111 to speak with a representative. Connect on Facebook for news and updates.

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