West Plains, Missouri

Burton Creek Rural Clinic

Burton Creek Rural Clinic

805 N Kentucky Ave
West Plains, MO 65775
(417) 256-2111
Burton Creek Rural Clinic, Medical Clinics, Services, West Plains, Missouri

When deciding on a new family clinic for you and your loved ones, go with a proven health center with a compassionate and skilled staff. For more than a decade, patients have been benefitting from the exceptional health services offered at Burton Creek Rural Clinic in West Plains, MO. This trusted medical facility offers a wide range of treatments for adults and children across Howell County.


Over the years, this caring medical clinic has built a strong relationship with families and individuals throughout the local community. These professional doctors, nurses, and assistants take pride in creating lasting bonds with each patient through personalized health services. During every visit, you can look forward to having your questions answered and concerns attended to with detailed solutions and helpful advice.


If you have a pressing medical situation that isn’t severe enough for the emergency room, feel free to stop by the clinic for a walk-in appointment any day of the week. These talented physicians offer obstetric care, mental health services, and treatment for a wide range of ailments, including diabetes, fevers, and strep throat. The state-of-the-art facility houses the latest medical equipment, including laser cosmetic and laser hair removal devices and ultrasound tools.


Don’t settle for anything less than caring and reliable professionals when it comes to your family’s health services; reach out to the dependable team at Burton Creek Rural Clinic for superior healthcare in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Call them today at (417) 256-2111 to schedule an appointment or visit online for more information.

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