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Troubleshooting 5 Common Issues With Macs July 10, 2019

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Troubleshooting 5 Common Issues With Macs, Fairbanks, Alaska

Apple’s® Mac is known for being both fashionable and functional. Under its sleek hood is a powerful machine that efficiently handles many different operations. Like any electronic device, however, it may run into a few issues and require computer repair. There are also some bugs that can be fixed with simple troubleshooting. To help you get your laptop running smoothly again, here are some of the issues you might experience and how you can try to solve them.

How to Troubleshoot Your Mac

1. Startup Problems

The Blue Screen of Death is more common on PCs than Macs, but if you see it during startup, you may be facing an issue with an outdated OS or malfunctioning program. Try booting the laptop on Safe Mode by pressing and holding the Shift key during startup. If the blue screen persists, take the device for computer repairs.

2. Sluggish Performance

There are many reasons why your Mac might be running slowly, including an outdated software or a nearly full hard drive. Delete unused files to free up memory and restart the laptop. By shutting it down, you also clear out the cache and RAM, along with resource-hogging software.

If this doesn’t help, open the Activity Monitor program to see which applications consume the most memory as you use your computer. When you notice frequent freezing, unusual activity spikes, or unfamiliar programs running in the background, malware may be causing the lag.

3. Charging Issues

computer repairFor a Mac that doesn’t charge, check the outlets and plugs first. Make sure there’s power from the receptacle, and inspect the charger and cables for signs of damage like exposed wiring. If everything is okay with the hardware, check the condition of your battery under Settings. A battery that needs service will no longer hold a charge and needs to be replaced.

4. Port Trouble

USB ports get their fair share of abuse from the constant plugging of external devices like flash and hard drives. If your computer doesn’t recognize accessories you plug into it, clean the port with compressed air, since dust can damage the connections. If cleaning doesn’t help and your drive is working with other laptops, bring your Mac for computer repairs to fix a potential hardware issue.

5. Faulty Keys

Like most laptops, the keyboard of your Mac lies atop its CPU. When it gets overworked and heats up, typing capabilities are compromised. Frequently used keys might fall off, stick, or make unusual noises. If this happens, clean the keyboard with a brush or compressed air to dislodge dirt. If you have a missing key, Mac technicians can replace it.


If you’re experiencing issues with your Mac, ComputerWerks in Fairbanks, AK, can diagnose and fix the problem. Since 1999, their team of computer repair experts has provided a full range of quality services, including software installation, IT support, and network setup. Visit their website for discounts and a list of their services or call (907) 451-4888 to book an appointment.

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