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ComputerWerks Inc., Computer Repair, Services, Fairbanks, Alaska

Slow, lagging, and outdated computers can make even the simplest of web searches a hard process. Your time is too valuable to be wasted on old technology, which is why ComputerWerks Inc. provides complete computer repair and IT services with the best rates in Fairbanks, AK.

ComputerWerks Inc. offers superior computer repair services for both residential and commercial use. Their experienced staff will effectively diagnose the problem that is slowing your computer down. They have an extensive knowledge of IT skills from software and network installation to data transferring and router support.

In addition to computer repair and IT support, they also sell a wide selection of new computers, monitors and printers, as well as, an extensive supply of replacement parts and accessories. Their shelves are full of high-efficiency printers to increase the productivity of your company or home office.

Since 1999, this locally owned computer service shop has satisfied customers with their advanced knowledge, friendly advice and discounts for service members and seniors. They care about the quality of their work, which has earned them a Microsoft Certification as well as recognition as Fairbank’s only Dell Small Business Partner. Their products and services are guaranteed to hold up over time, so they carry three-year warranties to give you extended peace of mind.

Get your used computers back into commission quickly at ComputerWerks Inc., Fairbank's choice for computer service, repairs, & network installation. Call them today for a free estimate at (907) 451-4888 or visit them online. Also, learn about important discounts and updates on their Facebook

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