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3 Steps for Shipping to Hawaii July 12, 2019

Kalihi - Palama, Honolulu
3 Steps for Shipping to Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii

When delivering goods across the Pacific to Hawaii, you need to follow the proper procedure. Shipping with freight specialists will ensure everything gets there on time and in one piece without any hassles in between. Use the guide below for a smooth shipping process.

How to Ship to Hawaii

1. Gather Documentation

File all of your shipped items with the freight specialists to receive tracking information. You’ll also need a bill of lading, which is a trade contract between the carrier and ocean freight service. It includes information about the shipper, recipient, carrier, and what is being shipped. If you’re delivering hazardous materials, such as chemicals, you may need additional documents.

2. Organize Around Shipping Schedules

freight-specialists-mfs-freight-services-llcFreight specialists usually ship to Hawaii a few times a week from specific ports, so you’ll need to work around their schedule. Speak with the shipper about preferred dates and times, and organize your supply chain to have all materials at the port with ample time for loading and processing. Usually, there will be a freight representative at the port to help you. Keep in mind that shipping can be affected by inclement ocean weather, resulting in delayed delivery. If you can’t afford to deal with delays but can wait for a better date, you may want to reschedule with the shipper.

3. Plan Logistics for Land Transport or Outer Island Delivery

Most freighters arrive in Honolulu. If you’re delivering to the neighbor islands, you’ll need to organize additional ground and sea or air transport. If you’re working with a different company on the island, share all shipping information for an easy transition. Keep in mind that inter-island service usually takes longer than the mainland because you’ll be using smaller boats, planes, or trucks. They also may not run as frequently as ocean freighters.


If you’re shipping from the mainland and looking for a freight specialist in Hawaii, the team at MFS Freight Service LLC are here to assist. Based in Honolulu, they ship from Oakland and Los Angeles, CA, four times a week. You can count on a customer service representative helping you at each terminal and maintaining contact throughout the supply chain. Call (808) 847-3015 to arrange for shipping, or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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