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Are you looking for shipping services you can count on from the mainlands to Hawaii? There are no freight specialists more efficient and reliable than MFS Freight Service. In business for over 50 years, the company has grown to be a major presence along the transportation route. You can expect to find their helpful agents in Honolulu, Oakland, and Los Angeles.

MFS Freight Service combines a plethora of crucial services — shipping, delivery, and even storage, when necessary. With an array of trucks, warehouses, and geographically diverse shipping terminals, the company is ideally positioned to help businesses make their supply chain management extraordinarily efficient. With representatives at all relevant ports along Hawaii’s transportation corridor, every client receives a personal touch to ensure their goods are being fast-tracked to their destination. As logistics experts, the MFS Freight Service team works around the clock to lower your transportation times and cut your costs. When a client needs more flexibility, the company is always able to offer off-site storage options to make life easier.

As an elite player in the freight delivery industry, MFS Freight Service also has the capability to handle more challenging shipments, such as foods and beverages that may require temperature control. Whatever you’re shipping, these freight specialists do not shy away from jobs that require additional planning or care. They thrive when it comes to figuring out ways to complete deliveries, whether by rail, air, water, or any other method.

When sending valuable cargo, it’s wise to use the most trusted freight specialists so you never have to worry about your shipment not arriving on time and in pristine condition. To begin a conversation about your needs with MFS Freight Service, just dial (808) 847-3015. You can also visit the company’s website to learn more about their services and locations.

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