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4 Signs You Need Clothing Alterations July 10, 2019

Midtown East, Manhattan
4 Signs You Need Clothing Alterations, Manhattan, New York

Clothing that doesn’t fit quite right tends to detract from an outfit’s appearance. It can also become quite uncomfortable for the person wearing the piece. However, determining what needs to be altered can be a challenge. Here’s a guide to help you figure out if you need clothing alterations to increase the comfort and aesthetic appeal.

How to Tell If You Need Alterations 

1. No Flexibility

A blazer that’s too tight can make it difficult to reach forward. The fabric will tighten in the back and prevent your arms from going any further. Test this by going in for a hug while wearing the blazer. If you’re unable to join both hands behind their back, it might be too small for the width of your shoulders.

2. Tight Waistband

clothing alterationsDress pants that are too tight on the waist can make it difficult to sit for long periods of time. An effective way to tell if they’re the right size is to slide two fingers in around the waistband. There should be enough space for them to move about without pinching.

3. Stretched Fabric

The buttons on a blouse are meant to lie flat and provide an attractive accent to the outfit. If it’s not the right size, the fabric will pull and cause openings between the buttons. Stand straight and examine the entire length of the blouse in the mirror to see how tight the fabric appears.

4. Loose Shape

If a dress doesn’t sit right on the shoulders, it could end up creating a sack-like appearance. Put the dress on and see how it feels. If the fabric sits comfortably around the shoulder area, it should fall naturally into the waistline. The waist of the dress should ideally hit where your waist is smallest. 


When you need clothing alterations, contact 6 Avenue Tailor in Manhattan, NY. This locally owned, Midtown tailor specializes in custom alterations and has over 30 years of tailoring experience. They work with a variety of different materials and provide rush and same-day service. For alterations, call (212) 593-1925 to set up an appointment. Learn more about the clothing alteration services they provide by visiting their website.

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