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5 Ways to Stay Secure When Using Cloud Data Storage June 20, 2019

Hauppauge, Islip
5 Ways to Stay Secure When Using Cloud Data Storage, Islip, New York

Having the ability to upload files to off-site servers allows businesses to easily access information. But as with other internet-connected solutions, cloud data centers can be compromised by third parties if the proper security strategies aren’t adopted. To help you enjoy all the benefits that this technology offers, communications providers suggest the following security strategies your company should practice when storing data on the cloud.

5 Tips for Secure Cloud Data Storage

1. Store Sensitive Information Elsewhere

While a house may have a security system in place, homeowners will still opt to put valuables—such as jewelry or cash—in a safe. The same logic applies to cloud data storage. While the server may be designed for security, the simplest way to keep sensitive data safe is to only store it locally—such as on a password-protected thumb drive.

2. Invest in Encryption

Encryption is a process of encoding files so that they can only be opened by those with the proper “key”—also known as decryption software. Many communications providers offer encryption solutions, but your team can also encrypt files locally before uploading them to the server.

3. Perform Regular Backups

communications providerJust as with a power outage, security attacks on cloud data servers can prevent your company from accessing critical files. By performing routine backups—such as every night—to a local hard drive, your team will still have a way to get information when the cloud isn’t available to provide more direct access.

4. Power Up Your Passwords

Whatever cloud storage solution you use, it should be protected by a password. However, you’ll need to use a password that is unique, varied, random, and not tied to any other accounts. Change this password regularly. Two-factor authentication is another solid way to keep password-protected accounts away from cybercriminals, as this allows you to enter your password and answer a question.

5. Monitor Access

No matter what the size of your company, it’s important to know how much access your employees have to the cloud. Giving access to files and folders to only those who need it can help reduce the risk of a security compromise. It also helps to prevent cloud access through personal devices, as these may not be as secure as company-owned devices.



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