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Plan B Technology

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Plan B Technology, Telecommunications, Services, Hauppauge, New York

As your company ages, so does your technology. Stay up to date on the latest IT features and solutions with help from the talented professionals at Plan B Technology. Based out of Hauppauge, NY, this local telecommunications company offers a full suite of voice, data, and IT services. Their team is proud to tailor packages for small to medium-sized businesses.


This proven telecommunications company provides innovative IT strategies and products. Your business will enjoy access to cutting-edge in-house and VoIP phone systems. As an Avaya partner, they deliver a flexible platform for simple and complex communication needs. Trust their technicians to offer ongoing remote and on-site assistance for your chosen phone systems long after installation, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.


Businesses can take advantage of standard and advanced call center applications where customers can reach out through email, text, and web chat. If you’re having issues storing your sensitive information, speak to staff members about data center options. These experts work with an array of providers to increase your scalability. Their cloud services feature everything from virtualization and security to data storage and disaster recovery solutions.


Plan B Technology updates your communication infrastructure with structured cabling. Knowledgeable technicians design, implement, and maintain connections both inside and outside your plant. Moving to a new building is no problem. They will transfer cables to your new location. Additionally, network cabling is perfect for your CCTV and wireless video surveillance systems.


In order to compete in today’s competitive markets, you need fast and affordable IT services. For the answers you deserve, turn to Plan B Technology, your leading telecommunications company. Call them today at (631) 773-1150 to get started or visit them online.

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