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What You Should Know About Automatic Sprinkler Systems July 11, 2019

Waterford, New London
What You Should Know About Automatic Sprinkler Systems, Waterford, Connecticut

Watering your yard by hand can take up hours of your time each week, and you’ll waste more water. Further, a sprinkler system that needs to be turned on and off regularly can lead to soil erosion and plant damage, as you may overwater your lawn. To avoid these issues, invest in an automatic sprinkler system. Here’s what you need to know before getting one. 

FAQ About Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Will installing an automatic sprinkler system help me save money?

Because your sprinklers will be timed to deliver the right amount of water to your lawn, you can avoid overwatering and runoff, which drive up your water bill. You can also schedule your sprinklers to run in the early morning or the evening when evaporation is at a minimum, so less water will be needed. Finally, you'll avoid the additional landscaping costs caused by damage from excess water, such as having to fix uneven soil.

How do you operate one?

Sprinkler SystemOnce your automatic system is installed, you will use the control cabinet that is hooked into the system to operate it. You’ll be able to set the timing and duration of the system's activation, as well as change it as needed. You can also have a professional turn on the correct settings for your property at the beginning and end of the warm season. 

If I have a water well, can I still install one?

An automatic lawn irrigation system can be hooked up to your well directly for your convenience. Backflow preventers will be put in place to avoid well contamination. As long as your well yield is high enough to provide for your house and lawn, you’ll be able to use it for irrigation.

What happens if you're away on vacation and it rains?

You won't have to worry about overwatering with an automatic sprinkler system. They come equipped with rain sensors that will shut off the automatic timer until the conditions are dry again.


When you’re ready to install an automatic sprinkler system, contact Maxum Irrigation. Based in Waterford, CT, and serving New London County, they provide high-end irrigation options that use tailored solutions for your home. To schedule service, call (860) 525-7000. Visit them online to learn more.

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