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Maxum Irrigation, Lawn & Garden Sprinklers, Services, Waterford, Connecticut

From luxurious lawns to growing gardens, Maxum Irrigation can install and repair the irrigation systems that keep your plant life watered and healthy. Based in Waterford, CT, this lawn irrigation service specializes in designing and installing efficient watering systems for both commercial and residential clients.

Maxum Irrigation is backed by a team of specialists who understand what it takes to ensure that your grass, flowers, and vegetation are properly hydrated. Supported by substantial resources and tools, these experts equip your property with an automatic sprinkler system or custom lawn irrigation controllers to provide your grass perfect coverage. Well-versed in all things irrigation, they can supply all the sprinkler maintenance you need to keep things running.

One reason Maxum Irrigation is top-rated among their customers is their complete dedication to meeting client’s needs. From the very start, this team will work with you to understand what you’re looking for in an irrigation system, what type of lawn sprinkler controls you want, and what your landscaping goals are. From there, they can design an effective irrigation and sprinkler system that will only use as much water as needed and do its job on your schedule.

Maxum Irrigation only works with the best products in the industry—meaning you will be treated to long-lasting sprinkler heads and easy-to-program irrigation controllers. Keeping their finger on the pulse of the industry, these technicians make sure to invest in innovation, allowing customers to take advantage of eco-friendly and efficient solutions, including drip irrigation. And while their solutions are always first-class, customers can still save thanks to their competitive rates.

Maxum Irrigation offers their sprinkler maintenance and installation services in Waterford, CT, as well as to customers within the New London County area. To schedule a consultation, request a quote, or make a maintenance appointment, contact a trusted team member today at (860) 525-7000.

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