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How a Custom Tailor Can Personalize Your Maid of Honor’s Dress July 8, 2019

New York, New York
How a Custom Tailor Can Personalize Your Maid of Honor’s Dress, New York, New York

Your maid of honor is your closest friend or relative who has been there for you and shared special memories for many years. As she stands by your side on your wedding day, it’s important for her to have her own way to stand out against your other bridesmaids. Working with a custom tailor is a great way to add custom detailing to your maid of honor’s dress. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

3 Ways a Custom Tailor Will Make Your Maid of Honor Stand Out

1. Alter the Hem

One of the simplest ways to give your maid of honor’s dress a unique quality is to alter the hem. You don’t need to give her a drastic change, such as bringing them hem above the knee while other bridesmaids have floor-length gowns. Instead, consider a subtler variation, such as shortening the hem slightly, adding a leg slit, or adding an asymmetrical hem for even more flair.

2. Adjust the Straps

custom tailorAnother way to change up the maid of honor gown is to alter her straps. If the other bridesmaids’ dresses have thick straps, consider replacing your maid of honor’s straps with thinner fabric. Or, you could replace the original strap material with sheer fabric for a unique twist. Some brides even choose to have their maid of honor wear a neckline different from the other bridesmaids altogether, such as strapless. 

3. Add Embellishments

If you prefer not to alter the overall structure of your maid of honor’s dress, a tailor can still incorporate small details to give her recognition. A striking brooch featuring gemstones to complement your colors can be added near the neckline, at the waist, or any other logical point where material gathers on the dress. Or, consider having a series of elegant buttons added to the back of her dress.



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