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Nothing shows a  level of sophistication quite like a bespoke suit or perfectly tailored outfit. At Wo’s Tailoring in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, it’s this subtle kind of elegance and class that customers seek and are provided. As a trusted name in tailoring and alterations, Wo’s Tailoring has been helping New Yorkers look and feel refined and stylish for over 40 years.

Wo’s Tailoring specializes in men’s custom suits and shirts, however, they also create and alter clothing for women and children as well. When you place an order with Wo’s Tailoring, you are assured the best quality and the greatest attention to detail. Wo’s Tailoring carries an extensive selection of fabrics in a variety of colors, materials, and textures. The staff hand sews nearly all their custom creations and clothing alterations, and only uses a machine for men’s shirts, which are stitched with the utmost care.

In addition to keeping you well-dressed on a daily basis, you can trust Wo’s Tailoring to help you look your best on your most important occasions. As well as every day. Their custom tailors can create looks for your entire wedding party, including your wedding dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, and suits and tuxedos for the groom and his groomsmen. If you have already purchased your wedding attire from a commercial retailer, you can still trust Wo’s Tailoring to ensure you and your party will look their absolute best by providing bridal alterations, suit fittings, and suit alterations.

The staff at Wo’s Tailoring is friendly and reliable, and their shop accepts walk-ins for most services. Visit their 71st Street location or call (212) 988-9889 to learn more about their custom tailoring and other services such as leather repair. For a full list of services they offer, visit their website today.

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If you're in need of tailoring services in New York City, Wo’s Custom Tailoring is the team to trust. With over 17 years of experience, the highly-skilled tailors provide more
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Finding the right tailor for clothing alterations requires asking the right questions. The experts at Wo’s Custom Tailoring are ready to answer any, and all, questions you have more
Did you tear your fur coat, or does it no longer fit you right? Does your leather jacket need a new zipper or lining? Leather and fur are unique materials that require an expert’s more
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If you happen to rip the hem on your cotton dress, a simple whip stitch may suffice. If you need leather or fur alterations or repairs, however, you will need to take your garment more
Denim is a huge part of the American wardrobe. It’s a fashion staple with versatility for any occasion. You can be dressy in tailored dark denim or casual in a relaxed light pair. more
With wedding season still underway, it’s a busy time to find a professional tailor able to do alterations for your wedding gown, bridesmaid’s dress, or tuxedo. And as numerous more
Nothing beats great fitting clothes. When you have an outfit that looks like it was made for you, there’s no limit to the compliments you will receive. A perfect fit is all about more
A well-tailored suit is the epitome of timeless fashion. When getting fitted for a suit, it’s essential to note any alterations it requires, as an ill-fitting garment looks shabby more
Tailor Wo was at Sino Vision TV New York Lounge on June 2nd, 2015read more
It’s wedding season, and every beautiful bride is searching for her perfect wedding dress. But after finding that one-of-a-kind dress, brides will undoubtedly need alterations to more
This is a long silk coat without lining made by hand. Tailor Wo has the talent to do custom made suits and coats for lady and man. Look at the beautiful long coat's overall more
New York City is home to some of the most stylish and fashion savvy people in the world. It can be hard to keep up, but custom suit tailoring at places like Manhattan's Wo's more
Wo is making a long coat with silk.One of our returning customer's son bought a piece of hand drawing silk material for her outfit for a gallery opening. She gave Wo the material on more
In order to have a perfect fit, custom tailoring is essential, whether it's for a suit or a bridesmaid's dress. Wo’s Custom Tailoring in New York City offers the outstanding more