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An Introduction to Galvanized Steel June 17, 2019

Okolona, Central Jefferson
An Introduction to Galvanized Steel, Central Jefferson, Kentucky

Galvanized steel is a layer of steel that has been coated with zinc to prevent rusting. Primarily thought of as a type of structural steel used in buildings, it is an extremely versatile product with a wide variety of commercial applications and is by no means limited to use in the construction world. Below is an introductory guide to galvanized steel, including some of its more common uses and benefits.


There are numerous advantages of using galvanized steel in a commercial setting. It is much more affordable than other types of treated structural steel, with few requirements in the way of maintenance and upkeep. It’s sturdy and reliable and can last 50 years or more in the right environment. The zinc coating protects the steel from rust, but it also safeguards the steel from damage during transportation and installation. The surface requires no additional preparation, inspection, paint, or coating, which means the steel can be put to use right away.

Usesstructural steel

In construction projects, galvanized steel can be utilized in structural steel frames, support beams, staircases, railings, and walkways. It’s often used in building durable furniture, such as park and bus-stop benches, and as a key element in many kinds of playground equipment. Galvanized steel pipes are popular plumbing options, and galvanized sheet metal is a typical component of ductwork and ventilation systems. Fences and gates are frequently made of galvanized steel.

Outside of construction, galvanized steel can be found in computer casings, car hoods, fenders, oil pans, and wire ropes. Washing machines, air conditioners, and even hair dryers contain some amount of galvanized steel.


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