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3 Facts You Need to Know About Running a Food Truck July 17, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3 Facts You Need to Know About Running a Food Truck, Brooklyn, New York

Mobile food trucks offer easy access to unique food choices. It’s no wonder why these catering stations on wheels have gained more and more popularity among consumers over the past decade. However, some aspiring entrepreneurs still hesitate about diving into this growing industry because of some common misconceptions. It’s important to separate fact from fiction so as not to pass up on a promising business venture.

3 Mobile Food Truck Business Facts

1. Food Trucks Are Legitimate Businesses

Any business not regulated by the state is illegitimate, and no entrepreneur in the right mind would want to run an illegal venture. Despite the misconception that catering trailers are not state-regulated, food trucks are required to operate under a business permit and are subject to local and federal taxes. These requirements make food trucks just as legitimate as any other brick-and-mortar establishment.

2. Food Trucks Can’t Park Just Anywhere

Cities have ordinances and guidelines on where food trucks can park. In Chicago, for examples, food trucks can’t park within 200 feet of a restaurant, which could work well for food trucks as they wouldn’t have to compete with other food services.

3. Food Trucks Are Sanitary

Mobile food trucksJust because a food truck is not stationed in a permanent location doesn’t mean health inspectors wouldn’t be able to find it. Mobile food trucks need to comply with sanitation standards and are subject to regular health department inspection. This safeguard means consumers can trust food trucks just as they would any other food providers like fast food chains or restaurants.


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