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A Brief Guide to Window Locks May 21, 2019

Terryville, Suffolk County
A Brief Guide to Window Locks, Terryville, New York

Although every exterior home door is equipped with a lock, the same doesn’t always apply to windows. Many windows are unsecured, turning them into vulnerable entry points. If you’re interested in improving your home’s security, here’s some information you should know before contacting a locksmith to install locks on your window.

What You Need to Know About Window Locks

Why Are Window Locks So Important?

Any type of opening that provides a point of entry to unwanted visitors requires a lock. This is paramount if you want to improve your home’s security and avoid potentially dangerous situations. However, a window lock serves other vital functions besides preventing break-ins. If you have children or pets, you should take every additional measure necessary to prevent them from falling through or jumping out of your windows. Hiring a locksmith to install locks on your windows will help give you some peace of mind.

What Kinds of Models Are Available?

locksmithThere are multiple kinds of window locks that a locksmith can install for you. The most common is the standard window latch, which snaps two window sashes securely together. A keyed lock, operable only with a key and installed on the side, provides an extra layer of protection. However, if you’re worried about the possibility of lost keys, you might favor the simplicity of a swivel-action lock. This is a self-locking product that, once closed, stops the window from opening at all. For homeowners with sliding patio doors, a sliding lock is a great choice. It drops into place directly onto the track and instantly prevents unwanted entry.

What Are Lock Ratings?

The rating of your lock matters. Issued by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), they determine the quality and security of the window lock. The highest level, grade 1, is the most secure option for your home. A lock achieves this level by being resistant to at least six strikes, heavy weight, and at least 800,000 cycles. They’re typically more expensive and generally used in commercial settings, but they’re worth the peace of mind if you’re especially concerned about safeguarding your windows. Grade 2 locks are the most common kind used in residential settings. Although cheaper and less secure, grade 3 locks still offer quality protection. A grade 3 lock is most effective when a locksmith installs it alongside a grade 1 or 2 model.  



Could your windows benefit from a security upgrade? Count on the team at Competition Locksmith in Port Jefferson Station, NY, to provide a solution you can trust. These locksmiths are proud to offer homeowners throughout Suffolk County a wide range of services, including installation, lock repair, and replacements for lost keys. Because they operate 24 hours a day, they’re always available in the event of an emergency. Visit them online for details, or give them a call at (631) 807-1366.

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