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4 Ways To Protect Your Home From Burglars August 8, 2018

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4 Ways To Protect Your Home From Burglars, Terryville, New York

In the United States, a burglar breaks into a home every 15 seconds. Though the loss of property and damage are expensive, what homeowners can’t replace easily after a break-in is a feeling of safety and security. Follow these tips from one of New York’s leading locksmiths to keep intruders from violating your comfort.

4 Tips For Keeping Burglars Away From Your Home

1. Install Deadbolts on All Outside Doors

Most homes have deadbolts on the front door but may have less secure locks on other outside doors. Hire a reputable locksmith to secure all points of entry. If any exterior doors have glass panels, opt for double cylinder locks that require keys on both sides. Single cylinder locks feature interior knobs that are easy to turn after a burglar breaks the door’s glass.

2. Illuminate the Situation

Instead of leaving the house dark, keep at least one light on when you aren’t there. Darkness tells burglars the house is empty. It also enables them to break in undetected. Turn a ground floor light on, such as one in the living room, and place curtains and blinds on all the windows if you haven’t already.

3. Don’t Let Mail Pile Up

locksmithHave a neighbor pick up mail when you are away, or have the post office hold your letters until you return rather than letting it pile up in the mailbox or on the front step. Also, don’t leave notes on your front door signalling that you aren’t away. Send a text message to friends and family instead.

4. Check Every Lock Daily

Check the locks on your windows and doors daily, either before you leave for the day or when you go to bed. Make sure the garage door is secure as well, and lock pet doors at night to keep the house inaccessible to burglars.


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