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3 Child Care Alternatives for the Summer May 14, 2019

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3 Child Care Alternatives for the Summer, San Marcos, Texas

Child care is essential for working parents, especially during the summer months. There’s no school to give structure to their days, and little ones can’t be left on their own for long periods. If you’re looking for a solution, here are the top three options for consideration.

Summer Child Care Options for Working Parents

1. Full-Time Babysitter

Hire a babysitter. These professionals are available through several agencies and undergo rigorous background checks. Scheduling is completely flexible and can be made to fit your busy routine. The only downside is that your child might lack social interaction. They’ll get to enjoy the comforts of their own home, but there’s less of an opportunity to meet with other kids their own age.

2. Overnight Campchild care

Encourage new experiences by signing your children up for summer camp. These overnight programs provide an alternative to hanging out at home and introduce participants to a world of adventure. Whether it’s tubing down the river or hiking in the woods, campers will stay active for most of the day and develop lifelong friendships. However, your child might not be comfortable spending that much time away from home, so talk it over before making a decision.

3. Summer Day Programs

For those who want to get their kids out of the house but aren’t comfortable with overnight stays, day programs are optimal. They feature an assortment of fun activities, such as crafts, recreational sports, and swimming, and allow participants plenty of time to interact with one another. It’s only for a few hours at a time and provides a way for parents to work without having to worry about what their kids are doing.


If you’re a working parent in need of reliable child care, reach out to the professionals at Wonderland School in the San Marcos area of Texas. They have more than 50 years of experience in early childhood development and offer a regular summer program that’s suitable for all ages. Each of their teachers is fully certified and strives to encourage creativity and learning among their students. Learn more about their summer opportunities by visiting the website. Call (512) 392-9404 to speak with a school representative about signing up. If you mention you found them online, you’ll receive a free gift upon enrollment.

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