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3 Tips for Water Well Maintenance May 16, 2019

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3 Tips for Water Well Maintenance, Dimmitt, Texas

If you depend on a well to supply your home with fresh water, you need to maintain the system year-round. A well drilling contractor can conduct regular inspections to ensure your safety and protect the integrity of the well and its vital components. Here are three steps that you can take to ensure your well stays in top condition.

How to Maintain Your Well

1. Test the Water Regularly

According to the National Ground Water Association (NGWA), well owners should test their water quality at least once a year. You should also schedule testing at the first sign of a change, whether it’s a different taste, strong odor, or an unusual color. The problem could be from a weak seal around the well casing or contamination, both of which would need to be addressed right away. A well drilling contractor will assess the quality of the installation and determine whether repairs are necessary or if grading the surrounding land may help.

2. Promote Proper Landscaping

Dimmitt, TX well drilling contractorProper landscaping is essential to prevent water contamination and damage to the wellhead. You want to reduce land elevation as you approach the wellhead to promote better drainage and avoid pooled water around the system. If you’re mowing or using other lawn equipment in the vicinity, don’t get too close, as the delicate parts are vulnerable. It’s also best to avoid planting within four feet of the well since the roots can draw on the water and harm your system. To be safe, don’t use pesticides or other chemicals within 100 feet either, as these can pollute your water supply.  

3. Hire an Experienced Professional

When you have a well drilling contractor assess the condition of your well, they’ll not only make sure that all elements work properly, but they will also maintain a thorough record of your well’s history. This will help during future well inspections should any problems arise. If you sell your home, it will also provide the buyer with valuable information that they need to protect their water quality.


Maintaining your well is the only way to protect your home’s water supply. Trust the well drilling contractors at Conyers Well Service for superior service. Based in Dimmitt, TX, and proudly serving homeowners and businesses throughout the Panhandle, the company offers well inspections, pump repairs, maintenance, and an array of other water well services. Visit them online for more information on what they do, or call (806) 647-3215 to schedule an appointment.

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