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Why Do People Need to Sleep? May 15, 2019

Collinsville, Madison
Why Do People Need to Sleep? , Collinsville, Illinois

Restful sleep is one of the pillars of a healthy life, along with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and avoidance of bad habits such as tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption. However, why people fall asleep on mattresses across the country and world every night remains something of a mystery. Scientists continue to debunk this mystery and offer several viable theories that explain the benefits of sleep.

Bodily Restoration & Energy Conservation

Some of the most plausible theories of why human beings sleep centers around bodily health. When you are asleep, your body resets itself, such as by regulating hormones. It prevents the excessive release of ghrelin, a hormone responsible for hunger, to help you manage your weight. If you have ever craved fast food or sweets after a poor night’s sleep, it’s because your body has not had enough time to regulate ghrelin. Consistent sleep on a high-quality mattress restores the body in many other ways, such as helping muscles and tissues repair themselves.

mattressesSleep also promotes energy conservation. Just think of how challenging even the most mundane tasks are when you are exhausted. Sleep clears adenosine, a byproduct of cell activity, from the brain to help you wake rested. This byproduct builds up in the body throughout the day and is believed to make you feel tired. Sleep also reduces energy metabolism activities to conserve energy, so you awake refreshed.

Brain Development & Overall Health

Other theories swirling around why humans need nightly rest involve brain health. Sleep has proven to promote healthy brain development in infants and children, which helps explain why babies and young kids need more sleep than adults. Other theories connecting the brain to sleep need more research; however, one theorizes that the brain clears out toxic waste that is accumulated during the day due to energy use. Another theory suggests that sleep contributes to healthy brain energy because the organ consumes about half of the glucose it uses during the day. This helps explain why it’s so difficult to concentrate when you are sleep-deprived.


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