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3 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Paving Contractor May 14, 2019

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3 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Paving Contractor, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Whether you’re laying down a new driveway or hardscape, or planning a larger municipal paving job, it’s important to hire the right contractor. Paving requires experience with materials and attention to detail. Each paving contractor is unique, and there are important factors to consider when hiring one. This ensures they meet all your needs and have the experience and tools to handle the job.

What to Consider When Interviewing Paving Contractors

1. Experience

You need to hire a paving contractor that has extensive experience with similar projects. If you’re adding a concrete patio to your home, for example, you want to hire someone that has completed related products. Likewise, larger parking lot and municipal paving projects require more commercial experience. During the consultation, ask the contractor about their previous work and for examples so you get an idea of their skillset.

2. Materials & Equipment

paving-contractor-musson-brothers-incThe paving contractor should also be familiar with the materials you plan on using. Asphalt and concrete each have unique handling and applications. If you aren’t sure what you want, find a contractor who handles both and can advise you. Also, consider preparations for the project. If you’ll need heavy earth-moving or excavations, the company will need to have the right equipment.

3. Pricing

During consultations, discuss pricing. A reputable contractor should provide a detailed estimate that includes materials, cost of labor and machinery, and other aspects of the job. They should be upfront about fees and provide a fair guarantee and completion date. Remember that it’s not always wise to choose the cheapest offer, however. Quality work and customer service can come with a higher price.


If you’re ready to start your next paving project, turn to Musson Brothers. This paving contractor has served Rhinelander, WI, for 73 years, providing comprehensive paving and excavation services. They dedicate themselves to working closely with each customer through every step of the process. Explore their paving, lot clearing, and site development services further on their website and call (715) 365-8700 to schedule a consultation.

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