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Comparing Asphalt & Concrete Parking Lots December 28, 2018

Rhinelander, Oneida
Comparing Asphalt & Concrete Parking Lots, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

When developing a property or constructing a new commercial building, it’s necessary to decide on a pavement material to create a parking lot for staff and customers. It can be tough choosing between asphalt paving and concrete options as you may be unaware of the differences. Here are some of the plusses and minuses of each to help you choose the right option for the property.

Choosing a Parking Lot Pavement Material


Asphalt paving is low maintenance and requires only occasional sealcoating to protect the material from water damage. It’s easy to patch asphalt if cracking or chips occur, but preventative maintenance is key. Power washing the parking lot every season can help mitigate damage by removing buildup and promoting a smooth surface. Additionally, asphalt is made out of recycled materials and is biodegradable, a benefit if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option. 


asphalt paving Rhinelander WIConcrete offers more strength and durability than asphalt paving, which means it is better for parking lots that feature heavyweight equipment or vehicles. Because of its light color, concrete is more reflective than asphalt allowing it to be easier to navigate at night and requiring fewer lighting fixtures. Plus, the pastel hues reduce heat absorption, meaning the concrete won’t get oily like asphalt when heated up by the summer sun. While concrete costs more than asphalt, it lasts longer and doesn’t require sealcoating.

You can select sustainable concrete that reuses old materials to create your new parking lot, which means lowered energy costs and less energy use. Concrete is available in many hues, and it’s easy to paint to create safety lines or feature marketing information, like a logo or business name. 


If you’re in need of an expert paving team to install a new parking lot, contact Musson Brothers in Oneida County, WI. The business is over 73-years-old and offers asphalt paving, concrete, excavation, aggregates, site development, and snow removal. Call (715) 365-8700 or visit the website for information on their land clearing offerings and why they use top-notch equipment to ensure they get the job done right the first time.

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