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4 Tips for Advertising Your Mobile Food Truck on Social Media May 29, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
4 Tips for Advertising Your Mobile Food Truck on Social Media, Brooklyn, New York

Running a mobile food truck offers the freedom to share your amazing dishes across the city without being tied down to a permanent location. Advertising for these road restaurants is a little different than for the average culinary establishment and takes some forethought. Here are four pieces of advice on how to use social media to spread the word about your business.

How to Market a Mobile Food Truck Online

1. Post Where You’re Headed

Many food truck entrepreneurs turn to Twitter and Facebook to let customers know where they’ll be ahead of time. Many regulars will even plan their lunch breaks around your location to ensure they can have their favorite dishes. Use geotagging to make it easy for everyone to locate your next stop.

2. Share Photos

When it comes to engagement, posts with photos get more attention than ones that are just text. Take photos regularly while on the job so you have a gallery to pull from when you post. Include images of the food, upcoming specials, cooks in the kitchen, and the long lines cued up at the mobile food truck.

3. Create Consistent Branding 

It’s essential to cultivate and maintain a brand voice so all your social media channels look and sound the same. Use your logo or a high-quality image of the mobile food truck as an avatar, and decide on a brand voice. Some are fun and casual, directly addressing customers as if they were friends. Other trucks go for a more formal vibe with higher-level vocabulary and no emojis. Decide which best speaks to your style and customers, and follow the voice with every post, caption, and comment.

4. Share Customer Shots 

mobile food truck New York City NYCustomers love engaging with the mobile food trucks they frequent. Encourage visitors to tag you in shots of their food, and even create a custom hashtag to further spread brand loyalty. This tool can help you find images featuring the truck so you can repost them. Consider providing incentives like 10% off the poster’s next order for sharing their experience on social media. 


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