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3 Ways to Tell if a Suit Fits Properly May 10, 2019

Midtown East, Manhattan
3 Ways to Tell if a Suit Fits Properly, Manhattan, New York

Mass-produced clothing comes in general sizes, which means a suit bought off the rack wasn’t made for your specific measurements. However, professional tailoring will give your suit a bespoke quality and ensure it fits perfectly. To determine where alterations should be made, you’ll need to try on the suit in the shop. Below are three areas the tailor will examine.   

A Guide to How a Suit Should Fit

1. Jacket Closure

Wearing a tight suit jacket isn’t only uncomfortable; it could also pull when you walk, creating unflattering wrinkles and bulges. When closed, the jacket should have a comfortable, close fit, without any ripples in the fabric. If you have to strain to close the buttons, technicians will concentrate tailoring efforts on loosening the fit.   

2. Shoulder Seams

tailoringThe jacket shoulders should lay completely flat for a smooth appearance. If they wrinkle and bunch, it could indicate the fabric is pulling and needs to be let out. If the shoulder seams extend past your natural shoulder, the entire jacket will look too large. For a clean, polished appearance, the shoulder pad should be in line with your shoulder bone. Tailoring specialists will make sure the seam connecting the sleeve to the jacket is a proper fit, so it doesn’t bunch or pull when you move.  

3. Pant Legs

The bottom of each trouser leg shouldn’t be too high up that you see most of the sock nor too low that it covers most of the shoe. When the cuff bunches at the bottom, it could make you appear shorter and wider. For the best pant fit, the cuff should hit the top of the shoe.


For professional tailoring services in New York City, contact the staff at 6 Avenue Tailor. The professionals will consult with you, take measurements, and work to ensure your suits have a flattering fit. You can also count on the team to offer same-day and rush services and perform additional clothing alterations and repairs. To arrange for tailoring services at the Manhattan shop, call (212) 593-1925. Visit the Midtown tailors online for pricing and special offers.