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4 Tips to Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy April 30, 2019

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4 Tips to Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy, North Pole, Alaska

One of the most common complaints during pregnancy is back pain. This is caused by the change in weight, balance, and posture you'll experience as your child grows, as well as the changes in joints and ligaments due to pregnancy hormones. To cope with your discomfort, follow these tips for pain relief and reduced back strain.

How to Reduce Pregnancy-Related Back Pain

1. Choose Your Shoes Wisely

Heels can be hard on your joints at the best of times, but during pregnancy, they're a greater problem. Switch to comfortable flats with good cushioning and arch support until after you've recovered from childbirth.

2. Sleep Well

Back PainThe best sleep position during pregnancy is on your side with a pillow between your knees. This position aligns and straightens the spine while removing weight from it, so you can rest and recover during the night.

3. Exercise

Although you should approve any exercise regimen with your doctor, maintaining a low-impact routine throughout pregnancy will help keep your core muscles strong. This can both relieve back pain and build more stamina for labor and delivery. Recommended exercises include walking, low-impact aerobics, swimming, and indoor cycling. Try to avoid any workouts that require increased balance or coordination, especially later in your pregnancy.

4. Wear a Maternity Belt

For added back support, consider investing in an elastic belt that provides slight compression in the abdominal area. Worn under the belly, this type of belt helps redistribute pregnancy weight, taking some of the pressure off your lower back.


If back pain is making pregnancy uncomfortable, the team at North Pole Chiropractic in Alaska can provide some relief. Led by Dr. Jack Harrison D.C., this practice focuses on natural treatments to improve posture and reduce tension in the neck and back. They also offer massage therapy from a certified therapist. Visit them online to learn more about these and other services, or call (907) 488-1885 to schedule an appointment today. 

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