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When you suffer from neck or back pain, a chiropractor can provide you with the kind of relief that makes your day-to-day life easier. In North Pole, AK, North Pole Chiropractic is the go-to for chiropractic treatment, whether you need relief from an auto injury, posture correction, treatment for a chronic ailment. 

The practice is run by Dr. Jack Harrison D.C., who promotes a healthy lifestyle using natural healing chiropractic care and treatments. Dr. Harrison specializes in adjusting a patient’s posture to eliminate misalignments in the spinal area that can cause many types of pain, emotional distress, and other symptoms.

When you visit North Pole Chiropractic, Dr. Harrison will first have a consultation where he will discuss your concerns, take your history of pain, and give you an examination prior to proceeding. Then, Dr. Harrison will create a treatment plan and order an X-ray or other tests, if necessary, so you can feel confident in your chiropractic care. 

North Pole Chiropractic believes in full transparency, so you will receive clear and concise reports about your spine and the treatment programs you will undergo. The detailed report will eliminate the medical jargon and use language that is understandable by everyone.

With an experienced chiropractor and a diverse list of services, there is no reason to go anywhere but North Pole Chiropractic. We also offer massage therapy from a Certified Massage Therapist. We also accept most insurances.  To make an appointment, give the friendly team a call (907) 488 -1885, and visit the website to learn more about the practice. Let the team show you how they can help you improve your quality of life. 

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Chiropractic adjustments can relieve more than just back pain. A visit to the chiropractor can provide a number of benefits to improve the daily lives of their patients. North Pole more
Unlike traditional physicians who rely on medications and invasive procedures, chiropractic health care providers concentrate on preventative treatment and enabling the body to more
People with chronic neck and back pain benefit can benefit tremendously from chiropractic care. Because chiropractic health practices are natural, they don’t come with the same more
Receiving the best care for your chiropractic health needs involves seeking out certain qualities in a chiropractor. At the family care practice of North Pole Chiropractic in more
If you’ve been experiencing neck pain for more than 12 weeks, it could be a sign that the condition is chronic. At North Pole, AK’s North Pole Chiropractic, a team of highly more
If you suffer from back pain, you know how debilitating it can be. There’s no reason to keep on suffering, however. North Pole Chiropractic in North Pole, AK, is the place to more
Back, neck, and even joint pain can become a serious problem and tends to significantly impact day-to-day life if it's not treated properly. While you may think waiting out the more
North Pole Chiropractic is a family care practice based in Fairbanks and North Pole, AK, that offers natural healthcare and chiropractic therapy to relieve a multitude of conditions more
Chronic back and neck pain can stem from a variety of sources, ranging from poor posture and sitting at a desk all day to automobile injuries and nerve damage. Fortunately, spinal more
Whether it’s neck or back pain that ails you, North Pole Chiropractic is the leading choice for quality, cutting-edge chiropractic health care in the North Pole, AK area. more
Back pain and neck pain can be debilitating. In fact, about 22 million people seek pain relief from chiropractors every year. Luckily for the residents of North Pole, Alaska, Dr. more
A common complaint by patients who visit a chiropractic health facility is that of neck pain and back pain. Dr. Jack Harrison D.C. is a chiropractor at North Pole Chiropractic more
Sciatic pain, or the pain you feel in your lower back that radiates down to your lower leg, can rob you of both restorative sleep and productivity throughout your day. Sciatica is more
Automobile accidents are always scary and stressful, especially if you're left with chronic pain. Whiplash is one of the most common injuries stemming from auto accidents, as it more
Unfortunately, car accidents can happen to anyone, and people will sometimes go through pain caused by automobile injuries or other accidents. Not only is pain prevalent after more