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How to Tell Your Car Is Heading for a Breakdown April 24, 2019

Geneseo, Livingston
How to Tell Your Car Is Heading for a Breakdown, Geneseo, New York

You don’t have to be a mechanic to know your car needs one. Vehicle owners can decrease the severity of car repairs — or prevent them altogether — with a little insight into signs of a breakdown. Here are four indications your ride needs help.

4 Sings You Need Car Repairs

1. Illuminated Dash Lights

Vehicles today feature a series of dashboard lights indicating various mechanical or technological problems. These sophisticated computers alert drivers to specific concerns like brake trouble, low oil levels, or a lack of coolant. Take a look at the owners manual to see what each light means. If one lights up, head to a car repair shop for full diagnostics to assess and address the problem.

2. Uneven Treadcar repair

If you regularly rotate your tires but the treads still wear unevenly, there’s a problem at play. The wheels may be misaligned, or the suspension (shocks or struts) is uneven. Address these possibilities right away to prevent further damage and safety issues.

3. Flakes in the Oil

When you check the oil dipstick, it should only come away with a thin layer of oil. If you see tiny metallic flakes, the vehicle’s bearings may be corroded, and cylinders or other parts of the motor require immediate attention to prevent engine failure.

4. Puddling Under the Car

It’s normal to have small watery puddles under your vehicle after running the AC during the summer. However, if you notice pools of bluish or greenish fluids, the coolant could be leaking. When the antifreeze is low, your engine is not properly protected from overheating, which could strand you on the side of the road. Top off the reservoir and head to a car repair shop as soon as you’re able.


If you need car repairs, contact M & R Automotive Service Center in Livingston County, NY. Their expert mechanics offer general maintenance, like battery service and oil changes, as well as wheel alignments. Plus, with every oil change package, you’ll get a free vehicle maintenance inspection. Call the Geneseo shop at (585) 243-1201 or visit their website for more information on their services.

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