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M & R Automotive Service Center, Inc. offers the best possible automotive service to Geneseo and the surrounding areas. For over 20 years, they have been providing families with the security of a safe and reliable vehicle. Owner Mark Ricotta opened the business in 1991 and specializes in many areas that are essential to high quality automotive service.

The charm of a locally owned and operated business combines with the consistently stunning results to satisfy customers upon every visit. M & R offers quality auto parts services such oil changes, scheduled maintenance, fluid flush, NYS inspections, tire service, wheel balancing, 4 wheel alignments, battery services, charging systems, brake services, and more.

The experts at M & R provide a comprehensive report on their findings at the completion of the service. A free Vehicle Maintenance Inspection comes with any oil change package that is purchased, and there have plenty of discounts, coupons, and great ways to save.

Let the mechanics at M & R Automotive Service Center, Inc. utilize their expertise and help repair your vehicle. 

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For over two decades, M & R Automotive Service Center Inc. has offered expert auto mechanic and repair services to the greater Geneseo, NY, area. From oil changes and more