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3 Ways to Get Your Mobile Food Truck Ready for Summer April 24, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3 Ways to Get Your Mobile Food Truck Ready for Summer, Brooklyn, New York

In the world of mobile food trucks, spring is the season of preparation. But with everything there is to do, you may not be thinking about “what if” scenarios. Amid the busiest time of year, any mechanical issues could spell disaster. Here’s how preventive maintenance will help you avoid problems in the busy summer season.

3 Seasonal Maintenance Tips for Your Food Truck

1. Check Your Condenser Coil

Over time, condenser coils will inevitably collect dirt and dust. This buildup can lead to clogs that put unnecessary strain on the appliance’s compressor. When this happens, it forces your refrigerator or freezer to work harder to perform its basic function, ultimately shortening its life span. Before the busy season starts, take a few minutes to clean the condenser coil with a shop-vac. 

2. Inspect Exhaust Fans

Mobile Food TruckExhaust fans facilitate ventilation, which the appliances and workers in your mobile food truck will need. Check the drive belts to ensure they’re functioning properly. Additionally, clean the exhaust fans annually to prevent the accumulation of dust and grease. 

3. Look Under the Hood

Remember, there’s more to the mobile food truck than the kitchen. As you would any vehicle, check the air in the tires and oil levels. If you haven’t changed the oil in the last six months, do so now. Replace windshield wipers if necessary and check seals and fluid levels. The start of the season is the perfect time to give your mobile food truck a tuneup so you can check the health of your belts, spark plugs, and wires. 


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