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4 Ways to Make Getting Dressed Easier for Seniors May 20, 2019

Toms River, Ocean County
4 Ways to Make Getting Dressed Easier for Seniors, Toms River, New Jersey

Sometimes with age, certain daily tasks become difficult. Mobility challenges and reduced motor skills can make routines like cooking, bathing, and dressing harder than they once were. Thankfully, there are ways to make these mundane parts of senior home care simpler and more comfortable. The following are some basic tips to make getting ready in the morning easier. 

How to Simplify Getting Dressed for Seniors

1. Pick the Right Clothing

To help your loved one dress in the morning, be sure that their clothing isn’t too complicated. For example, Velcro® and elastic are less fussy than buttons that must be fastened or zippers that must be pulled up. Loose and comfortable clothing will be easier to put on, but be sure that the clothes aren’t too baggy. To help your loved one feel more autonomous in this process, allow them to pick out their clothing with you. 

2. Provide Tools

senior home careThe right tools can make senior home care more efficient. For example, dressing sticks will assist with grip while putting on pants or socks. Shoehorns will help pull shoes onto their feet. By providing these tools for your loved one, you’ll allow them extra independence in the morning. 

3. Create a Safe Dressing Area

Senior home care starts with setting up your house to support your loved one’s needs. Be sure that they have a designated dressing area in their bedroom that’s safe and helpful. Place a sturdy chair for them to sit on when necessary or hold for balance. Make sure that their space is free of raised carpets or objects that they could trip on. Try to keep items in a central, reachable place rather than on high shelves or dispersed throughout the room. 

4. Hire a Home Aide

If your loved one requires more attentive care, a home aide will assist. This professional aide will come to your home to help your loved one with tasks, from meal prep to getting dressed. The aide will be there to assist with the process and prevent injury. They’ll also make cleaning, leisure time, and errands more productive. 


If you’re looking for a home aide to provide senior home care for your loved one, turn to the team at Visiting Angels Toms River. Their friendly and compassionate staff provides care for seniors in Ocean and Monmouth counties, NJ, including meal preparation, companionship, housekeeping, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, shopping help, and medication monitoring. They’ll personalize your service to suit your family’s needs. To view a full list of their offerings, visit them online. Call (732) 249-1050 to speak with a member of their team today.

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