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4 Quick Ways to Update Your Backyard April 15, 2019

Honolulu, Honolulu
4 Quick Ways to Update Your Backyard, Honolulu, Hawaii

Instead of wondering what to do with all the extra space, consider your sizable backyard as a blank canvas and creative challenge. Get inspired by these tips before visiting your local garden center for landscaping products. The right features can transform an empty backyard into a private oasis that’s ideal for relaxing and entertaining family and friends.

How to Enhance Your Backyard

1. Lay Stepping Stones

Use stepping stones to create a nature-inspired path in your backyard that winds around a landscaped area, creating a promenade for guests to enjoy your manicured lawn and beautiful flowers. Consider using the stones to make a path from the house to the pool or a walkway between entertaining areas. Veneer versions offer the appearance of natural stone without the added weight, and they’re available in many styles to enhance any backyard design.

2. Install a Water Feature

landscaping productsWater features provide a soothing backyard focal point. You can include several small fountains or one large piece to serve as a conversation starter. Consider creating an artificial waterfall wall or utilizing isa bowls in the Japanese style. These landscaping products are perfect central features that add a new element to the space.

3. Add Seating

Enjoy your outdoor space by creating seating along walkways and under shady trees. Use stone benches to keep with the natural theme of your yard. These landscaping products are ideal because they’re sturdy and can withstand the rain and sun. Scatter several benches around the area or group a few to accommodate large parties.


If you’d like to enhance your backyard, contact the team at Big Rock Manufacturing in Honolulu, HI. This garden center offers residents several landscaping products, including coral, lava, and stone veneers as well as statues, Japanese garden stones, and water features. Call (808) 834-7625 to inquire about their inventory, or view their garden enhancements online.

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