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Big Rock Fabricators

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Big Rock Fabricators, Landscape Design, Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

If you are looking to enhance the look of your home or property with stone veneer, save yourself time and money by using Big Rock Fabricator Located in Honolulu, HI, this garden center is the premier source for imitation rocks, cast stone products, and garden enhancements.


Big Rock creates and sells lava, coral, and stone veneers that look exactly like the real thing. Using molds and a special formulation of cement, volcanic aggregates, and mineral oxide pigments, they are able to imitate the look of naturally occurring Hawaiian stone. Their cast stone products include volcanic lava, moss rock, blue rock, ulupalakua, and local ocean reef coral. Easy to apply, their products can be installed on any surface, from interior wood and drywall to metal and painted or unpainted concrete. They can also be used to create walkways.


Since 1983, Big Rock has provided quality imitation stone and landscaping products for countless people across the islands, the mainland, and the world. They fill each order based on your needs, offering pre-manufactured items or custom creations. Visit their outdoor showroom to gather garden design inspiration and to view their stepping stones and garden enhancements, including edgers, garden logs, and benches.


Find the landscaping products and stone veneer you need at Big Rock Fabricators. Call them today at (808) 834-7625 to schedule your free consultation or request your free estimate or visit them online for an in-depth look at their inventory.

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