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Top 3 Dumpster Rental Tips to Streamline Your Project April 19, 2019

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Top 3 Dumpster Rental Tips to Streamline Your Project, Rainy Lake, Minnesota

From home remodeling to cleaning out a shed, dumpster rentals are necessary for any project that generates a large amount of scrap material. Understanding your needs and the advantages and limits of this equipment can help you decide what unit to rent for your project. If you’re wondering where to get started when you need a dumpster, here are some tips to follow.

Consider This Before Renting a Dumpster

1. Estimate What Holding Capacity You Need

To figure out what size of dumpster you’ll need, you must have a rough idea of how much material you’ll be getting rid of. There are legal limits to how much you can load into a dumpster, so estimating how much capacity you require will help you find one that’s large enough to fit all your items, but not so large that you waste space and money.

2. Schedule the Rental Ahead of Time

Renting a dumpster is a simple process, but like any other reservation, if you leave it to the last minute, limited availability can delay your project. Decide when you’ll need your dumpster and how long your project will last before you contact a dumpster rental company, which will save you headaches and ensure you don’t pay for your rental for longer than you need it.

3. Find a Suitable Location

A dumpster can only go in an area that’s large and flat, and close enough to your site to save you from lugging scrap for a long distance. After you’ve figured out the size of your dumpster, search around your project location to find a suitable place for your rental, laying down plywood over the area to protect your yard or driveway. If you’re unsure where to place your dumpster, the rental company can help you find a suitable location. 


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