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3 Items You Shouldn't Throw in a Dumpster Container March 28, 2019

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3 Items You Shouldn't Throw in a Dumpster Container, Rainy Lake, Minnesota

Renting a dumpster can come in handy when performing a home remodeling project or doing spring cleaning. However, while it might seem like you can throw anything in one of these dumpsters, most states have rules about what can be taken to the local dump. Certain items must be disposed of in a different manner or recycled. 

What Items Shouldn’t Be Put in a Dumpster?

1. Paint, Stain, & Varnish

Paint and other similar products typically contain toxic and dangerous chemicals and must be disposed of carefully. Oil-based paints should be taken to the Household Hazardous waste collection office because they are flammable, and old products could contain lead. Latex paint can be reused many times, so if you no longer have a use for it, try recycling or donating it. Paint, Stain & Varnish cans must be fully empty in order to be thrown out into the dumpster. 

                                                                                                                     2. Batteries

While the majority of single-use batteries, like AA, have now been deemed safe to throw out in most states, it’s still illegal to dispose of many other types. Rechargeable batteries—such as those in your car, phone, and computer—must be recycled instead of placed in the trash because they contain lead acid, lithium ion, and other hazardous heavy metals. Rechargeable batteries can be disposed at your local Household hazardous waste collection. 

3. Cigarettes & Other Ashes

When putting out your cigarette, don’t throw it in a dumpster or any other trash bin. Instead, place it in a special receptacle that will protect the ashes from catching other materials on fire. The same is needed for ashes coming out of a fireplace, grill, or barbecue pit. If thrown in a dumpster, flammable ashes can easily start a fire and spread quickly. It usually takes two to three days for the ashes to be fully extinguished, and they should still be watered down to prevent accidents. 


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