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Why Prioritize Winch Maintenance? April 1, 2019

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Why Prioritize Winch Maintenance?, De Kalb, Texas

Even before the Great Pyramids of Giza were built, people have been looking for and creating ways of lifting objects much heavier than their own strength. Among these developments is the winch, which can be operated manually or may rely on an electrical or hydraulic system. These systems, while invaluably useful, require specialized care. Neglecting to do so could instantly increase the difficulty of the project at hand. The guide below explains how maintenance work can help you avoid or delay winch repair.

What Is a Winch?

A winch consists of a hand lever, drum, and a length of cable. Hooks at the end of the cable help secure the item to the winch so that there’s little chance of it coming free during transport. As the cable winds around the drum, the tension helps to absorb most of the stress and makes it easier to move large objects.

Why Does Maintenance Matter?

winch repairMaintenance checks ensure that everything meets industry standards. They provide an opportunity for experts to find any hidden issues and perform winch repair before they can shut down operation or possibly injure someone. These services also help the components continue running smoothly by clearing out debris and lubricating all moving parts.

What Maintenance Can You Do Yourself?

The cable is of primary concern. This material has a tendency to fray after months of hard use and may require a replacement to prevent it from snapping unexpectedly, so check it often. You should also wipe down the winch after every use. The debris that collects while dragging items along the ground could clog up the mechanisms and cause a need for winch repairs.


If you require winch repairs, reach out to Eubanks Auto Electric of De Kalb, TX. They maintain and repair a wide selection of industrial machinery. Whether it’s an alternator that’s gone bad or a starter that’s beginning to malfunction, these professionals will utilize the latest techniques for getting you back on the job. Request a free estimate today by calling (903) 667-2081. Visit their website for additional information on the services they have available.

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